Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why do we blog? What do we learn?

Blogging takes time and only in rare occasions the bloggers make any money, so why do we do it? Jeff Atwood has a good theory. But I like to think that it is more than an "egomaniac action".

Blogging is, for sure, a good way of promoting yourself. In our blogs we put our opinions and also part of our work. A blog is a good way of showing future employers which kind of person you are.

A blog is also a way of networking, a way of sharing your knowledge, but also a way of learning from other people comments.

And the same can be said for the blog readers. I invest daily near 1 hour reading blogs and news. It is a great way of learning from other developers and stay updated.

Our profession/hobby is always evolving really fast, and blogging is, so far, the best way I have found to be in the loop.

See you soon.

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