Friday, January 1, 2010

Is Desktop Development Dying?

After the Oracle/Sun issue and the poor Java 7 announcement, a lot of people has been talking about the "Java is Dead" issue. I completely disagree with this statement, but I really think that something is dying: desktop development.

Last year's improvements in languages and frameworks related with desktop development can be easily reduced to CUDA and OpenCL (please tell me if I'm missing something else). The improvements in frameworks for desktop applications was null (at least in the Java world). On the other hand, let's check other technologies and see the consolidation of the "App Store" and the whole iPhone OS world, how well Android is doing (maybe slower than expected), the quality jump in the Google WebToolkit, Google Chrome OS, the consolidation of Cloud Computing, ....

All these technologies are related with mobile development, web development, ... but desktop development is not following. From my point of view, desktop development is stuck at the same place since some years ago. Let's see what will bring the next year, but so far all the buzz seems to point to the same place, again mobile development.

Not so many years ago a lot of people was looking the whole HTML/JavaScript coding as "second class development" (well maybe was not that many), but nowadays it's an essential part of any developer work. Almost all the restrictions that we had 10 years ago to do "web applications" are gone. And the rest will disappear when HTML 5 finally arrives. So if there's any of you that's still not looking into this new world, it's about time to jump into it ;)

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