Monday, August 9, 2010

PC vs Mac (from Microsoft Point of View)

Microsoft just opened a new page on their website comparing PCs and Macs in an attempt to counter attack the "Get a Mac" campaign.

I'm sorry to say that even when Microsoft as all the right to play to the same game as Apple, the reasons they are showing are, at least, weak:

Having Fun

It's true that's not possible to play Blue-Rays in a Mac or connect it to an XBox. The first is due to an Apple's decision and the second is probably because either Microsoft or Apple are interested in this kind of connection.

Regarding the problem of connecting a Mac to a TV, really I've done it and it's not a big deal. Sure you need an special connector, but works fine.

The lack of games in the OSX OS seems that's finally changing and shouldn't be an issue in the near future.

In any case these could be reasons for a home user, but no company should be stopped due to these points.


The computer that's easiest to use is typically the one you already know how to use. Another nice one is Unlike Macs, many PCs running Windows 7 support Touch
To me that's a really weak reason. In fact if you saw my post from some days ago I would say that OSX is much more easier to use than Windows.  Apple is a reference regarding usability and OSX is a really easy system to use. Just think about how easy is to install something in OSX. 

Also in OSX there's almost no need for antivirus or other maintenance programs. Try to do that in Windows and you'll see how works.

Affirmations as "the mouse works differently. And many of the shortcuts you're familiar with don't work the same way on a Mac" Sound really egocentric to me. Sure they are different, but I don't think that anyone would need more that 5 minutes to learn them.

The last one is hilarious "Unlike Macs, many PCs running Windows 7 support Touch" Is Microsoft the only one that missed the "Magic Mouse" and "Magic TrackPad" devices, not to talk about the normal TrackPad in the MacBooks. We could also talk about the touch support in iPhone and iPad, but since are not using OSX (yet) we'll leave them aside.

Working Hard
If most of the computers in your office or school run Windows you may find it harder to get things done with a Mac.

Can we apply the same argument if most of the computers use OSX? I'm using my MacBookPro in a network with Windows and Linux computers and I don't have any problem accessing to any kind of file. iWorks works perfectly well with Office documents (even OpenOffice work fine) and accessing the network drives is not a problem.

Or maybe Microsoft means that Windows is really bad sharing files with different OS (sarcastic mode off).


Macs don't like share. I'm sorry but I don't known what is Microsoft talking about. The Macs can share using NFS, Samba or even the beautiful "BonJour" system. That's an affirmation without any base or explanation.

Plain and simple, if you're a PC user, lots of your favorite stuff just might not work on a Mac. With PCs outselling Macs 10 to 1, the reality is that most computer software is developed to run on PCs

Let's start with the most obvious point that's "More doesn't mean better" Also again the affirmation is quite egocentric. Almost all the most important programs have an OSX version or a substitute. And in most of the cases the OSX version is as good as the Windows version, or event better.

PCs give you a lot more choice and capabilities for your money. You can get the PC you want, in the size and color you want, with the features you want. You just don't have as many options with a Mac.

That's again quite obvious. When only 1 company is making Mac computers is not possible to have all the combinations that Windows have with all the hundreds of manufacturers of PCs. Again they are mixing quantity with quality.

One of the main problems of Windows stability is that Windows needs to work with thousands of hardware combinations, and not all the drivers are as stable as expected. Meanwhile Apple keeps a low number of hardware combinations, making easier to keep the stability.

As another point, I think is hard to find in the market more beautiful and well design computers than the Macs.


I known that seems that I'm an anti-Microsoft guy. That's not the case, but I got pissed off with the weak excuses that Microsoft is showing to publicity their operating system. Most of the affirmations are simply false, and the others are quite subjective.

What do you think?


  1. I stopped reading your post here:

    "Affirmations as "the mouse works differently. And many of the shortcuts you're familiar with don't work the same way on a Mac" Sound really egocentric to me. Sure they are different, but I don't think that anyone would need more that 5 minutes to learn them."

    When you simply take it out of the context, they say:

    "Things just don't work the same way on Macs if you're used to a PC"

    Do you notice: "If you are used to a PC ?!?"

  2. Hi,

    Yes I noticed the "If you are used to a PC". In fact the would "PC" thing is wrong. In a PC I can have also a Linux/BSD/*NIX OS running and is also different, everywhere you read "PC" should be replaced by "Windows".

    I'm sorry you stopped reading there, because then you missed the whole point of the post (or maybe I could not make it clear enough).

    The whole Microsoft article is based in the conception that Windows is the way and if you move out to somewhere else (let's say OSX/Mac) we'll get lost because things are different and we're stupids to learn it.

    Of course this argument is not valid when you move from Windows XP to Windows Vista/7 ;)

    Anyway I hope to see you again in this blog.


  3. Fortunately or unfortunately, windows is the way to go or normal users that want to just do "many" things(who knows what are those things).

    On windows you have far better chances to do as many things as you want, nobody can deny this.

    And the fact with that micro$oft page is that they place true things there that are of course biased towards people that decide to move to mac.

    Why is it that the apple campaigns against windows pc are the latest/kewelest shnizzel and the reverse is not true ?

    Yes the PC is in fact windows, even Apple does this association in their mac-vs-pc ads, even if it is not politically correct as nowadays the mac is for sure a custom branded pc.

    Long ago it was the processor architecture that made the difference, today they are all the same, the only difference being judged both by microsoft and apple(except unix/linux and other free os guys that see the pc as just what it is, a pc)

  4. I cannot but agree with all your comments.

    Regarding the "Windows is the way for normal users to do many things" I think it's true, but only because the massive dominance of Windows installations in the world. The main point of those "Get a Mac" campaign is to show the users that there are other alternatives.

    Sadly a lot of users doesn't even known the existence of other Operating Systems (some don't even known what's an Operating System). That's why I feel that this Microsoft campaign, even when is completely understandable, is misguiding and full of weak/false/relative "facts"