Sunday, April 8, 2012

GWT-Eureka Available

Both in this blog and in stackoverflow I've been writing about different widgets and improvements to already existing GWT widgets.

Due to popular demand (well at least some people asked for it) I decided to finally put all this code publicly available in a new project: GWT-Eureka

Website: GWT-Eureka

The code is available under GPLv3 license and you can simply use it. You're also welcome to fork the git repository or, even better, collaborate with your own widgets and improvements.

Here you have an screenshot of the first widgets:

So far the available widgets are:


An input box for time. It supports both am/pm and 24h formats.

There's also TimePickerSmall widget, that's a simple extension of the TimePicker, but with a different CSS style applied for those cases where you need an smaller element.


A basic button with support for badges. You can see more details here: iPhone like Buttons


Is a modified version of GWT DatePicker with some new features:

  • Support to configure the first day of the week, independently of the defined locale
  • Support for minimum date. Any date older will be disabled
  • Support for maximum date. Any date newer will be disabled
You can see it in action here:

That's everything right now. Looking forward for your feedback and comments.


  1. A timepicker... yes!
    Thank god (and DZone) I stumbled upon your blog.

  2. Hi Pete,

    Thanks your for comments. Please don't hesitate to report any think you feel can be improved.

  3. GPL... Why not ASL, so it can be more widely used?

  4. I've some requests to use Apache License. After checking the differences I agree that makes more sense, so the v0.1 release is using Apache!

  5. Great effort!

    Is there a use case for more than one leading zero? If not, you can avoid using StringUtils:

    protected String formatValue(long value) {
    if (minDigits == 2 && value < 10) {
    return "0" + String.valueOf(value);
    } else {
    return String.valueOf(value);

  6. Thx, exactly what I was looking for

  7. Hi Carlos,
    I'm trying to use your library, which looks really good btw! However, I can't find the correct way to import it in my GWT project. I use eclipse. Could you give some light about it? I would really appreciate it.